DJB Instruments: Piezoelectric accelerometer design and manufacturer with over 40 years of experience including, IEPE, Charge, DC MEMS, in line signal conditioning, instrumentation and associated accessories, cable assembly and repair service as well as calibration facilities with technical support as standard.

Vibrations Inc / OptoMet Non-Contact Laser Vibrometers: Fixed point digital SWIR and scanning SWIR laser vibrometers by OptoMet. Extremely fine resolution and long distance ( up to 300m ) measurements.

G.R.A.S Sound & Vibration: NVH Rugged Microphones, Acoustic test and measurement systems, Head and Torso KEMAR and ANSI Standard In Ear and Headphone Testing, Mics and Pre-Amps, Sound Power Level Hemisphere, Surface and Flush Mount Microphones, Power Modules, Intensity Probes, Calibrators and Microphone Calibration Systems.                                       YouTube  

Stratum Systems: Embedded Solutions including XMC, FMC (PCIe coming)  GNSS timing boards with PTP IEEE-1588, IRIG, frequency references and small footprint OCXO PCB's. Custom design for PCIex, XMC, VPX and FMC carriers.

Manufacturers Represented

SVANTEK:Sound Level Meters, Handheld sound and vibration analyzers, portable Dosimeters and Outdoor Environmental Noise and Vibration Monitoring Stations. 

GFI Technologies is an authorized SVANTEK distributor.

Optical Measurement Systems: Non contact Laser Vibrometer and Laser Scanner systems.

DEWESoft : One Data Acquisition for any type of sensor with hardware supporting from 4 channels to several hundred channels. Standard system software comes included with free software updates. Rugged hardware platforms for automotive and aerospace applications, data recording and camera/video systems.                                YouTube