You will find our sales engineers to be responsive and willing to help you work through design, testing and manufacturing questions.

GFI Technologies covers the six New England states ( CT, MA, RI, VT, NH, ME).

GFI Test Technologies Inc. was founded  in 1992 by engineers from the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) industry.  Over time we added personnel, expanded product knowledge and have serviced the New England territory with products and technologies including:

Data Acquisition and Analysis, Sensors and Transducers

Sound and Vibration Measurement and Analysis

Test Instrumentation, Oscilloscopes, VNA's, Spectrum Analyzers, DMM's and Power analysis

AC and DC Power Supplies, Sources and Loads
Time and Frequency Standards, Signal Distribution, Oscillators, and GPS Based Timing Systems 
Embedded/Board level systems, signal conditioners, power supplies,  SSD's and SBC's 
Lasers for Product Marking, Cutting and Welding 
Microwave / RF Components and  Systems